Other topics

Other topics

Several other research topics are investigated in the laboratory beside the four main categories.

Coincer: The Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others, are nowadays being exchanged on various exchanges. However, due to their decentralized nature and irreversibility of payments, cryptocurrencies are often a target of attacks and thefts on these exchanges. Financial losses from cracks of exchanges (or even embezzlements) amount to millions of US dollars.

Coincer solves this dissatisfactory situation by removing the exchange service from the process and allowing arbitrary two users to perform a safe exchange of two cryptocurrencies directly between themselves. Coincer only provides a market and communication platform so that the whole exchange process is as convenient for the user as possible, and particularly automated.

This project, realized in our laboratory, implemented to Coincer algorithms which together build a P2P network and also it implemented an already proposed communication protocol upon this network. This protocol includes features such as automatic digital signing of all messages or encryption of all direct communication between any two peers.

Contact: Michal Zima,

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