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The format of standard lectures: 30-40 minutes presentation + 15 minutes for questions, slides in English, presentation in English or Czech based on audience.

  • 3.3.2021
    Mgr. Martin Friák, Ph.D.
    Applications of quantum computers in chemistry, physics and materials science
    Abstract: One of the most important applications of quantum computing is solving classically intractable problems in chemistry, physics, and materials science. As calculations on classical (super-)computers are currently reaching their limits, emerging quantum technologies may help answer unresolved questions related to high-temperature superconductivity, new batteries, transition metal catalysis, or biochemical reactions and drug design. Therefore, significant attention has been recently paid to quantum-computer calculations of the electronic structure of materials. While the corresponding progress has been impressive, numerous major challenges remain. Albeit promising, quantum computers are still in their infancy. Currently, there are only a few working prototypes worldwide with very limited performance. As quantum computers are fundamentally different from classical ones, many basic algorithms need to be developed.
    The talk will summarize the current status of quantum-computer calculations in chemistry, including increasing academic and industrial activities worldwide. Next, the prominent aspects of these calculations will be illustrated on calculations of selected small systems such as the H- ion or the H2 molecule. For these, we have recently performed an extensive set of calculations on quantum processors and their classical simulators using the IBM Quantum Experience platform. Further, special attention will be paid to the impact that (i) different set-ups of quantum circuits, (ii) applied computational methods, and (iii) real (i.e., noisy) realizations of quantum processors have on the calculated results. The talk will close with an outlook on quantum computing in physics and materials science.
  • 10.3.2021
    Search at Sitola: overview presentations about search methodologies in Sitola
    Jiří Filipovič: Using searching algorithms in projects of the HPC group
    Hana Rudová: Problem-specific search

  • 17.3.2021
    RNDr. Miloš Liška, Ph.D.
    Are videoconferences safe?
    Abstract: TBA

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