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Laboratory seminars (PV273 in the course catalog) on Wednesday, 10:30 – 11:30, A505, FI MU, Botanická 68, followed by an informal group lunch

The format of standard lectures: 30-40 minutes presentation + 15 minutes for questions, slides in English, presentation in English or Czech based on audience

  • 21.2.2024
    Student presentations with ongoing work (organized by Václav Oujezský)

    Adriana Fojtíková
    Digitization of educational courses
    Annotation: The Learning Management System (LMS) is a tool that makes education more accessible and engaging for students. This bachelor thesis focuses on comparing multiple systems, and in the practical part, educational materials from the courses PV169 and PA151 will be deployed on this platform.

    Filip Fabka
    Visualization of data-link control protocols
    Annotation: Data-link Control Protocols are used to regulate the transmission and reception of data in the data link layer (L2). The goal of my bachelor thesis is to visualize these protocols in a web environment for subsequent use in educational materials for the subject PV169.

    Bc. Michal Badin (presented by doc. Ing. Václav Oujezský, Ph.D.)
    Development of a federated learning platform with firebase database integration
    Annotation: This master’s thesis deals with the implementation of a federated learning platform, specifically a server with an admin dashboard in a web environment, building on the work – A proposal for a Federated Learning Protocol for Mobile and Management System. The objective of the thesis is to address the problems of a centralized server architecture and enable smooth collaboration with multiple centralized servers, with a focus on user data privacy. This is achieved by ensuring that sensitive data does not propagate when communicating data to the server for model training.

  • 28.2.2024
    Ing. Klára Moravcová, CESNET
    OpenStack under the hood: new architecture
    Abstract: If you have ever dabbled in OpenStack, creating virtual infrastructures or running applications, you might have pondered what it truly entails to operate such a platform. Today, we are diving deep into the inner workings of OpenStack, uncovering the essential components needed for smooth operation. This presentation offers an in-depth look into the transformation of our OpenStack architecture into Beskar Cloud—a cutting-edge architecture that makes use of modern automation tools and follows the GitOps approach.
  • 6.3.2024
    Student presentations with ongoing work (organized by Hana Rudová)
    Notino company has a complex large warehouse that consists of several floors. Tens of thousands of orders are handled daily in the warehouse, each consisting of several items. A moving conveyor belt with boxes passes through each floor of the warehouse. Each box collects the goods for one order at a time. It is necessary to assign the floor from which each box is served, and several pickers collect the items for the orders on each floor. Overall, it is necessary to maximize warehouse throughput and ensure that orders are processed in a timely manner.
    This seminar presents a series of ongoing theses that deal with warehouse planning for Notino. We introduce a warehouse simulator, a planner that focuses on distributing orders to individual floors, and a planner that focuses on optimizing the operation of a single floor.

    Bc. Milan Kubík
    Notino warehouse simulator

    Bc. Samuel Krivánek
    Optimization of warehouse throughput for the Notino company

    Bc. Martin Blažek
    Order picker routing in the warehouse of Notino company

  • 20.3.2024
    Mgr. Tomáš Foltýnek, Ph.D., FI MU

  • 3.4.2024
    doc. RNDr. Jan Sedmidubský, Ph.D., FI MU

  • 10.4.2024
    Mgr. Viktória Spišaková, FI MU

  • 17.4.2024
    Canceled due to CESNET seminar

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