MjUNI 2017

Leden 16th, 2017

We were asked to participate in another MjUNI because of our successful participation last year. We taught children how to create UTP cables and how to connect to the network. Children were then able to play a game together. Photos are available in video gallery

NITS symposium

Prosinec 14th, 2016

On Friday 9th December we have transmitted two unique cases of non-intubated thoracic surgeries from the University Hospital Brno to the participants of the NITS symposium held in the Masaryk University campus. Both cases showcased a unique method of lung wedge resection and lobectomy presented by specialists from the National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei. The non-intubated method of the surgeries was carried out on such a large scale for the very first time in the Czech republic providing the patient the most considerate treatment available. The transmissions using the UltraGrid platform left a very good impression in terms of both images quality (namely from the laparoscopic camera) and the interactivity. Photos are available in photo galllery.

Dental Summit

Listopad 8th, 2016

From October 28 to October 29 we have for the first time, deployed UltraGrid to transmit live reconstructive dental surgeries to mediate the live cases in larger than life size. The cases were presented at the Dental Summit congress in Prague under the auspices of the Palack√Ĺ University Olomouc. You can find out more about Dental Summit at their website. Photos from the event are available in the photo gallery.

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