University Course Timetabling and International Timetabling Competition 2019

Srpen 6th, 2018

Hana Rudová was invited as a plenary speaker to the 12th International Conference on the Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling. She will be talking about university course timetabling and a new International Timetabling Competition ITC 2019. The competition aims to motivate further research on complex university course timetabling problems coming from practice. One of the problems which will be solved in the competition comes from our Faculty of Informatics; others have been collected from institutions in North and South America, Asia and Africa using UniTime university timetabling system.

Werner von Siemens Excelence Award for Tereza Pařilová

Březen 8th, 2018



Our colleague Tereza Pařilová has received the Werner von Siemens Excelence Award for breaking the hurdles during the study. Tereza’s research includes assistive technologies for dyslexics and the influence of professional musical education on cognitive functions of the brain. Find more in Czech in the Masaryk University Online article on the topic and in the news!

Dynamic Reconfiguration in Multigroup Multicast Routing under Uncertanity

Květen 31st, 2017

A paper Dynamic reconfiguration in multigroup multicast routing under uncertainty by our colleagues Pavel Troubil, Hana Rudová and Petr Holub has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Heuristics. The paper is based on the main results of Pavel’s doctoral thesis and deals with the problem of multi-group multicast routing for high quality multimedia transmissions and collaborative environments. The paper introduces a novel algorithm based on the ant colony optimization metaheuristic which efficiently deals with uncertain knowledge of the underlying network, supports on the fly transcoding of the media transmitted in the multicast tree and allows for its dynamic reconfiguration when minimal changes are desirable.

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